ANITAMASAI 5th (Anime/Manga Festival in Saitama) ”will start!
~〝Animation & Manga Mecca Summit in Saitama〟!
The gathering of Animation stage and the popular works!~

On Sunday, October 22, the Anitamasai Executive Committee will be holding its “Anitamasai 5th  (Anime/Manga Festival in Saitama) ”. Based on the theme of “Japanese animation and tourism,” this general anime and manga event will consist of concerts, stage shows and sales of merchandise. 34,000 attendees convened at the 4th Anitamasai held last year.

October 22th (Sun),2017  (10:00~17:00)
Sonic City Big Hall、Small Hall、Exhibition Hall No.1、Town Hall、Event Plaza、Kanedsuka Park(Sakuragicho 1-7-5,Omiya-ku,Saitama City)
concerts、stage shows、goods sales etc.
Free Admission(Some of the indoor shows(live/talk) are not free.And some of them need Pre-registration)
(5)Predictable number of visitors
Anitamasai Executive Committee(Saitama Foundation For Culture And Industry、Saitama Prefecture、Nippon Cultural Broadcasting、Television Saitama、FM NACK5、J:COM SAITAMA、The Saitama Shimbun)


“Cosplay Photo Shoot” for foreigners

Please gather at EVENT SQUARE (check the map below) on Sunday 22nd October from 2:00 to 2:15 pm.